Earn 100% markup on all OraMD products purchased by patients.
Joining the Dentist Wholesale Program is the perfect way to support your oral hygiene program and generate ongoing income.

Introduce OraMD to Patients --> Patient Purchase OraMD --> Earn Profits OraMD



Dentist Wholesale Program Benefits

  • Excellent source of ongoing income
    • High percentage of repeat purchases
    • Over 100% profit markup (wholesale to retail)

  • Easy to implement
    1. Purchase OraMD at wholesale cost
    2. Recommend and Introduce OraMD to patient at Office
    3. Make OraMD available for purchase
    4. Add purchase to patient's bill, or accept payment
      at time of purchase.

  • Increases the effectiveness of your oral hygiene program

  • Increases patient referrals

  • Your patients will love OraMD! Plus it costs less than purchasing chemical-laden commercial toothpastes, mouthwashes, and breath fresheners

  • Easy to sign up and absolutely NO sign up or monthly fees

  • Manufacturer's 100% Money Back Guarantee with outstanding service and customer support

Dr. Tom McGuire

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