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A Message About OraMD from Dr. Tom McGuire, DDS


"I've spent my entire dental career specializing in patient education and preventive dentistry and my new book, Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body: How to Improve Your Oral and Overall Health, is the culmination of what I've learned over the past 30+ years. During this time I've found that if patients follow the guidelines in this book they will, without exception, experience a major turnaround in their oral health. I'm often asked if I could recommend natural products that would further enhance my philosophy of improving oral health. Whenever possible I encourage people to use healthy products and discourage the use of fluoride in any health care product.


In my efforts to find such products I discovered a company, Trusted Health Products, Inc. that has developed OraMD, a natural product for fighting gum disease, bleeding gums and bad breath. Trusted Health's mission is similar to mine; helping people effectively deal with gum disease and other oral health challenges. They have demonstrated that, when used correctly, their product can be a substitute for toothpaste, mouthwash, and even breath mints. It's an all natural product containing 100% pure essential oils of peppermint, spearmint and almond - and has shown itself to be a phenomenal bacteria fighter.


I recommend OraMD as an excellent companion to the practices outlined in my book. If you use OraMD and follow the instructions in this book, I have no doubt you'll see positive changes in your oral health. I wish you the absolute best as you continue on your journey to improved oral and overall health."



About Dr. Tom


Dr. Tom is the world's foremost authority on preventive dentistry and mercury free fillings. For over 30 years, he has been an innovator and leader in dental wellness and is considered to be one of the leading authorities in the area of mercury amalgam fillings and mercury detoxification.




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