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Dr. Paul Rubin "I highly recommend OraMD to anyone looking for a natural toothpaste, mouthwash and breath- freshener. This unique, 3 in 1 oral health care product is anti-bacterial and can help reduce the overall bacterial levels in the mouth - without harmful or toxic side effects. Whether you use it as a liquid toothpaste, mouthwash or breath freshener, what you will get is a very refreshing feeling."

- Dr. Paul Rubin, Seattle, WA





"Because I'm concerned with every aspect of my patients' oral health I recommend natural and healthy oral health care products. I recently discovered OraMD and not only do I personally feel it is a great 3 in 1 natural product (liquid tooth paste, mouthwash, and breath freshener) but my patients love it."

- Dr. Euan Mackie, West Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN



Dr. Nina Foley "I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product in OraMD. You have provided for a healthy alternative for me to dispense to my patients. They love it and so do I. Not one patient that has tried it doesn't use and like it but when they return give it an astounding 'I love it'. As we know that is half the battle in oral health care...getting patients to use the product. With the positive research, great compliance, taste, and healthy alternative to unhealthy, abrasive, toxic over the counter dentifrices - this is a welcomed and much needed product. Thanks again!"

- Dr. Nina Foley, Franklin, TN





"I have used ORA MD's liquid drops for the past two years. I am ecstatic with the results, and pleased to recommend it to my friends, as well as to patients."

- Joyce, Dental Hygienist, Nevada




Customer Testimonials


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I have been using OraMD for about six months now. For a while, I was using a combination of other products along with the OraMD; however with the combination I didn't see that great of results. Now I am just using the OraMD and the results are remarkable. Before using OraMD, my gums were red, swollen ...Just after two weeks of using the OraMD by itself, my gums have stopped bleeding. They are starting to turn pink and ...I highly recommend OraMD to anyone who is troubled with my previous problems.




I have always had problems with my gums bleeding. I go to the dentist every three months for cleaning and I always have bleeding. I have been using the Oramd for about 3 months and went for my normal cleaning last week. I had very minimal bleeding and the hygenist said my gums were the best they have ever been. They were nice and firm as opposed to the softness she usually finds.

Andie M., Metuchen, NJ



I really do enjoy using your prnduct ORA. It gives my mouth such a clean refreshing taste. I was so excited when I went to the dentist after using your product for 3 months , I had zero bleeding points!! That was the first time I had ever had no bleeding points. I especially like the fact that it is all natural with no chemicals or preservatives. If gives my mouth a fresh awaking feeling and I feel like I have not had bad breath since I have started using it. Its a terrific product and would highly recommend it to anyone. I gave it to my grandson and he smiled real big while using it to that pleasant surprising awaking feeling it gives. We both chuckled. Thanks for making a healthy tooth polish combination mouth wash!

Sue D.



Please send me 2 more bottles of OraMD. I have been using OraMD for the past month and after less than two weeks, my formerly red gums returned to a health pnk and my mouth tastes fresher. I have tried other products but none have worked as quickly and effectively as OraMD. Thank you for introducing this to me.

Darryl T., San Diego, CA



Since using Oramd, my wife and I have both noticed improvements in our gums. ...I am re-ordering the product because I am convinced that it is working for both of us, and I want to see how much improvement I can realize over a longer period of time. I've only been using it for a month and I can see a difference.

Richard M., Brooklyn, NY



I have had a longstanding problem with bleeding gums, bad breath….. Since then, I found OraMD. I just went to the dentist for a cleaning a couple weeks ago. It had been over a year since my last visit. I was apprehensive, since it had been so long, yet curious, as my gums had not been bleeding since shortly after using OraMD. My wife noticed my bad breath had disappeared. My dental hygienist began her cleaning, I noticed that she had effortlessly, and quickly completed the left side. She stopped, looked at me and said, I cannot believe how good your gums look, and how little plaque and tartar there is! She said it's been over a year since your last cleaning, and your mouth is the best I have ever seen. I told her about OraMD, and told her the website address. She quickly finished the right side, and said, I can't wait to get Dr, XXXXXXX in here so he can see this. Then in came my dentist, Dr. James XXXXXXX. He looked and was impressed. ...He asked, tell me about this miracle potion. I gave him the website address. He said he would check it out. He wanted to do more research on your product before he could tell others about it, but he said, since you have already made the decision to use the product, and based on my exam, you should keep doing what you are doing.

Mike M., Santee, CA



Really like the stuff. My mouth insists that I use it regularly. Teeth and gums are much cleaner and healthier. Wish I had it several years ago. Probably would have spare me some painful oral surgery.

Andrew M., Peoria, AZ



I've been using OraMD for several weeks. My dental hygienist remarked on my most recent visit that my teeth and gums were very clean, ...The appearance of my teeth has also improved. Plaque and stains are a thing of the past.

Nate, Albany, NY



This product is great. I don't need toothpaste nor mouthwash. I use it twice a day and it freshens breath. Now I can't live without it. Never buying toothpaste/mouthwash again.




I started using ORA MD about a month ago. A couple of drops on my toothbrush each time and a drop or two between brushings on the particularly bad gum areas. I quit using toothpaste altogether. I purposely delayed my next cleaning an extra month so I could get a test of how well, or not, the ORA MD would work for me. Well, today the hygienist and my dentist were both very happy with the condition of my gums! Believe me, that was a miracle for sure. For the first time in 2 years I had absolutely no bleeding! Previously I had a dark, purple area over a bridge that is now nice and pink...

There was way less scraping that had to be done (thank God, cause that hurts!). I'm guessing here, but it seemed the actual cleaning of the teeth took approximately half as long as previous visits because I had less to scrap off! I was so surprised (not to mention, relieved) when the hygienist said she was done! The hygienist even agreed to a little longer time between cleanings. That never happened before and wouldn't have happened today if there had been the slightest problem. The fact that today it has been 4 months since my last cleaning instead of 3 was even more proof that something was going right in my mouth for a change!

So, I'm looking forward to continuing with ORA MD and at my next scheduled cleaning I expect even better results. I admit I was skeptical that anything could improve the condition of my gums, ...but ORA MD has changed my mind and I'm so very thankful for that.

Thanks for a great product! I'll keep you posted on its continued success for me.

Kay G.



I have noticed that the plaque has decreased significantly on my teeth! My gums are feeling better too. This product came at just the right time for me. I was really worrying about my gum health and now I feel much better about my oral health!

Thank you,
Myra A., CA



Thank you for your product. I have been having problems with my gums as long as I can remember, but after taking 2 bottles of your product, my gums have cleared up. Thanks are not enough.

Mary, MD



I only recently started taking Oramed and it truly did begin to work. I had badly bleeding gums to the point where I was frightened. Dentists are very expensive and I had not been able to go to one for years. Thanks to an inheritance I have been able to go to a dentist lately and have been getting treatment. I am in Canada so any statement I make about my dentist will not impact on your government rules.

However, I must say that the OraMD was the ONLY thing that helped with the bleeding gums. It significantly slowed down the bleeding and was great for leaving a super clean minty taste. I do feel that the use of Oramed helped with my gums ...I am still using Oramed instead of my regular toothpaste as it seems to do a better job.

Stephanie P.



For the past year it's been necessary to have my teeth cleaned every 3 months just to try to keep my gums from getting any worse. From my appointment in January, 2002 to the appointment in April, 2002 it had become apparent it would be very difficult to just maintain the present condition of my gums, much less improve them.I started using OraMD in July, 2002.

At my next cleaning appointment in August, 2002 the condition of my gums had indeed improved from my previous appointment in April, 2002. I didn't have any bleeding for the first time ever. Also, the ...had even improved. I mentioned to the hygienist that I had started using OraMD and felt it was helping keep my gums in better condition.The hygienist didn't make an official note of that in my record but we did discuss it. Dr. Leslie felt I had made progress and seemed pleased.

The only thing we discussed further was having fillings replaced. For various reasons I was forced to postpone my next cleaning visit until March 3, 2003. Even with waiting over twice as long between visits my gums were still being maintained in good condition and I had no bleeding. Considering the ...I had when I first started going to Dr. Leslie, having gums in "good" condition is a miracle in itself.

I haven't used toothpaste but 3 or 4 times since July, 2002 and that was just when I ran out of OraMD. I can't imagine having to go back to that because even with a sonic toothbrush the toothpaste just wasn't providing the same results as OraMD.

Kay G.



I started using ORAMD in 2002 and found the results to be very satisfactory. I purchased ORAMD as I was experiencing bleeding of the gums when I brushed my teeth. After using the product for several days I noticed that the bleeding subsided. Also, it was very helpful with improving my breath. In fact, I was so satisfied that I would not hesitate to purchase the product again.

Gordon J.



This is not Gillian but her husband Paul,I will not be seeing my dental practitioner until July this year. However I was going to email you to let you know that

a) My gums do not bleed any more.
b) The bad breath that I had, from time to time, does not now occur.
c) The tartar build-up on my front lower incisors is greatly reduced and seems to be a lot softer and easily removed.

We are now just starting our third bottle of OraMD and have another 3 to go before we will be ordering more.

Paul C., West Midlands, England



I have been using OraMD for two months now and can see a marked differenc in my whole mouth. My gums are a healthy pink color, decrease in bad breath (minimal to nonne) whiter teeth, and less plaque based on my last dental cleaning visit.

Veronica J., Chicago, IL



I knew, when I first started using OraMD, that this was way better than any mouthwash on the market. Those brand-name mouthwashes only keep your breath fresh for about 10 minutes, then you're back to the same yucky cotton-mouth as before you used it. Not with OraMD! The very first time I used it, I drove 45 minutes to a mall and after walking around for a while, realized that my mouth still felt fresh and clean, and my breath was still minty! I also keep a bottle of OraMD in my purse, because 2 drops on my tongue will instantly kill the bad breath from any meal, and without the sugar of dinner mints. I'll never use anything else again!

S. White Lowell, MI



I am Imtiaz, I have started using ORAMD regularly twice or thrice per day, since the last 4 months, it has practically reduced gums bleeding to NIL. Brushing using ORAMD refreshes me very much….

Imtiaz M., Parsippany, NJ



I just wanted to share my experience using your product as I find it quite amazing. ...My gums bled all the time and my teeth were quite sensitive. After the first month of using OraMD my bleeding subsided quite a bit. By the second month, I virtually have no bleeding gums.

Besides the stoppage of the bleeding gums, my teeth & mouth feel sooo much cleaner as well.!! I liked the product so much that I ordered some for my husband. He had always used mouthwash as he had trouble with bad breath. The other day he was brushing his teeth & he shouted out "this is great stuff".
We both went to have our routine teeth cleaning yesterday & I asked the Dentist if she noticed any change in my teeth. She said "there is a lot less plaque, what are you doing?" She then cleaned my husband's teeth & asked him if he was using the same product on his teeth as she noticed the reduction of plaque on him as well. We have actually both become addicted to it.

The thought of using toothpaste again just repels me. We no longer use mouthwash as it is just not needed. I now feel like my teeth are really being cleaned when I brush my teeth.

Barbara, Los Angeles, CA



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